The app that will change the way you commute.

Mobi is a ridesharing app that will allow people heading in the same direction the ability to connect with each other so they can rideshare on their commute.

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How does Mobi work?

Simply enter your starting location and your finish point. Then enter your pick up time and select the days you want to commute. That's right, Mobi helps plan your whole week!

Choose the person you want to travel with! Mobi allows you to select the person you want to commute with by offering everyone who is heading in that direction.

You can chat with your fellow commuter before the ride if you need to let them know something or just want to get to know them!

Pick a route

Pick a commuter

Chat before you ride

Improving an outdated system

Improving daily habits is just one step towards a more sustainable future. 

Reducing daily expenses will put more money in your pocket and also take cars off the roads helping the environment! 

Want to use Mobi in your workplace?

Join our partner network and help your organisation connect employees for their commute. We offer a wide variety of incentives for businesses to carpool with Mobi and change the way we commute!